Frequently Asked

Questions and Answers

What social networking tools do you make use of for communication?
We make use of Skype as our primary method of team-wide communication and organisation of duties. Beyond that, we also make use of DropBox and Trello to keep track of important files and development progress/milestones.

What development tools are you using to make your game?
We are using Unity3D as our primary game development engine at this time. Unity offers us, as Indie Developers, a wide variety of excellent tools and community support that is easy to work with, while avoiding tedious license agreements.

I am thinking of applying, where can I check for any job-related stuff?
Please be sure to take a look at our jobs section of the website! We are always excited to meet someone new.

You are not hiring for any jobs that fit my current profession, what can I do?
Feel free to send us your application anyway! We may actually be in need of your help, either now, or in the foreseeable future!